Here’s how to use Instagram effectively…for science

I came across this picture on IWasteSoMuchTime.com and I couldn’t just scroll by it without saying something. THIS is how social media can be used for the better. For every Facebook status that makes you cringe, or selfie that makes you want to put your phone down forever, there comes along something like this that can restore at least a little of your faith. If Read More →

If you’ve ever wondered how important timing is for advertising, here’s your answer.

A persistent conversation in the world of marketing these days is: “how do I make something go viral?” We all want to find that magic equation that instantly catapults our content onto news channels, blogs, and have it racking up millions of views on YouTube. There isn’t an equation, but most people do agree that a few of these characteristics can help: some type of Read More →

DHL pranks its competitors by making UPS and others advertise for them

Question: what’s the best kind of advertisement? Answer: The one where you trick you competitors into advertising for you.   DHL recently (hopefully this isn’t a fake, which is possible) put together packages with temperature-sensitive covering that turned the packages black when cooled. Then they shipped them off to hard-to-find addresses through carriers like UPS and TNT. The result is amazing: I don’t know the Read More →

UNICEF’s killer campaign urges you to donate water, but in an amazing way

Would you give up something non-vital, to provide something vital for another person? ——————————————— Clean water is essential for life. If we don’t get enough of it, we WILL die. That’s not the depressing part. The depressing part is that there are countless children around the world who don’t live to see adulthood because they don’t get clean water. UNICEF is trying to change that. Read More →


The war on Uber is just beginning, and it shouldn’t have ever begun

The war on Uber has begun. My question is…why? It’s more of a rhetorical question, obviously. Taxi companies can’t handle the new families in town, and they won’t sit idly by while their business flies down the road to the next stop. My question is more about this: innovation. Taxi companies have been around for a long time. And how much have they changed? I recently Read More →

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